January-February: We’re currently piloting a Media Training Programme for the scientific and academic community through the Scientific & Medical Network. The five-session online course is a hands-on intensive to help researchers understand journalists’ needs and interests, and learn how to make solid story pitches.

We’re also compiling some briefs and tip sheets to help journalists cover the mysteries of human experience. We expect them to be available in February.


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Catch up on our October meeting through short videos of our panelists’ discussions. Eben Alexander, M.D., and Marjorie Woollacott, Ph.D, are among our featured guests discussing spirituality among scientists and consciousness research.

An original research project by the FJN shows journalists seek more coverage on mysteries of human experience, despite challenges. “Consciousness” was named No. 1 topic of interest.
View our highlights video (~7 mins) or our summary video (~13 mins.).
Read the press release, and see highlights of survey results in format of your choice:
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About the Frontier Journalists’ Network

The FJN is an independent group of editorial professionals interested in covering topics surrounding the mysteries of human existence.

Our mission is to provide resources to increase mainstream coverage for subjects such as the nature of consciousness; the relationship between mind, body and spirit; the truth and purpose of faith and wisdom traditions; the science of spirituality; and the ‘big questions’ of life and the universe.

These resources may include panel discussions on the latest research on consciousness; best practices for covering topics currently regarded as on the fringes of mainstream acceptance; and access to key sources of news and information, such as academics, researchers, scientists, and organisations specializing in these topics. We also wish to be a resource to that community of newsmakers and subject matter experts so that they may better understand journalistic standards and practices.

We recently conducted original research on the perceptions and experiences of journalists on the state of coverage on our topics. The results show that there are challenges to covering these topics both on the site of newsmakers (scientific researchers) and the media (openness of editorial management).

The FJN is devoted to making it easier for journalists to get the resources they need
to source, pitch and produce stories on these topics.

FJN Values

Our Origin Story

The FJN launched in September 2022 after a year of conversation among journalists who cover the evidence base of ‘mysteries of the human experience’ and find a certain level of censorship by the mainstream scientific community and others on topics that range from consciousness, religion, philosophy, the science of spirituality, and metaphysics, to health and wellbeing. We seek to cover these topics more with the highest professional standards, openness to all types of evidence, and rigour in analysis of evidence.

Founding Members

The founding members of this group — who count BBC, Reuters, The New York Times Co., and Danish Broadcasting Corporation among their employers — originated from discussion about bias in mainstream media and science against these topics, and the need for an editorial-oriented body to understand and overcome this. The volunteer-led, independent FJN has received initial support via the Galileo Commission through a seed grant.

Liza Horan
Editor and podcast host covering the mind-body-spirit movement.
David Lorimer
UK & France
Author, editor and podcast host covering post-materialist science and worldview.
Jesper Madsen
Journalist on topics ranging from science of consciousness to health.
Martin Redfern
Science writer and audio producer covering post-materialist science.
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